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In today’s rapidly-changing business environment, the right business and management strategy can make the difference between a struggling organization and a thriving one. To drive value in an organization, you need thoughtful, candid advice from a trusted advisor with real-world experience and knowledge to help you determine an achievable management strategy, optimize your business processes, and produce sustainable value for your organization. At Level44, we leverage our associates’ business acumen to offer complete management advisory services, including Strategic Planning and Implementation, Crisis Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Succession and Exit Planning, Business Restructuring and much more to help your organization improve performance, implement industry best practices, and maximize growth. After an analysis of your business, we will target the negative components that may be hindering you from the success desired and restructure, restore and relaunch with a new business model for future success.



Strategic planning and business plan implementation are the backbones of every successful organization. When done well, companies agree on their most important tasks. More importantly, they focus their resources on their highest priorities. The creation of a solid business plan is the first and most important step toward producing powerful and sustainable positive results. Partner with us to develop your strategic planning and business plan execution. Additionally, we can also take a plan that’s already created and work with your team to turn it into a profit producing reality.



A business crisis can be anything that can negatively affect a company’s reputation or bottom line. Unplanned events can have a devasting effect on any size business. As a crisis management professional our job is to help our clients positively manage through the hard times and help them be as crisis-free as possible. We help our clients navigate through any crisis that may arise including but not limited to management changes, reputation restoration, contract negotiation, stakeholder communications, and profit loss. Level 44 helps you turn the corner from Crisis to Stability and Profit.



Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions that can have a substantial and lasting impact on both you and your company’s future. At Level 44, our team of experienced consultants have the practical business experience and insight to provide the creative and effective advice our clients need to navigate the challenges inherent in any merger or acquisition. From performing the necessary due diligence and requisite financial analysis to investigating alternative financing sources to assessing the tax implications to guiding you through financial disclosures and non-compete agreements, our experienced Mergers and Acquisitions counselors work with you to obtain the best possible outcome in any transaction.



A thoughtful business succession or exit planning is the key to ensuring that your business will continue to flourish in the future, without your day-to-day involvement. Too often, healthy, successful businesses are negatively impacted by a lack of succession or exit planning, from unclear transfer of leadership to liquidity problems stemming from unexpected inheritance taxes or costs. As experts in the field of business succession and business exit planning, we can help you to design a comprehensive strategy to avoid these problems and achieve your objectives, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business will enjoy a smooth continuance, and your heirs and business associates will be well protected.



Executive coaching for teams, business coaching for owners or leadership coaching for high-potential employees is the key to unleashing each person’s maximum potential. We coach them to build actionable plans to make a positive impact on business results, work processes, and team relationships while enhancing their own sense of leadership, emotional intelligence, accountability and personal achievement.

When leaders increase their effectiveness, the effectiveness of the entire team is elevated. While coaching was once viewed as a tool to address under-performance, it is now more widely used as a means to maximize performance, develop key people, grow their bottom-line and retain top producers.

Business coaching can provide clarity and focus and accountability and guidance to keep you on track to achieve your goals.



Starting a business is challenging on many levels, from the hard work of establishing yourself in the marketplace to the complexities of managing the paperwork, it’s easy to become overwhelmed without expert advice. With years of real-world, hands-on business experience behind us, we will help you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your business, form a legal structure for your business -corporation, partnership, or LLC, guide you through formulating a business plan, assist with any necessary registration, permitting, or licensing processes, and manage compliance with local, state, and federal laws. If you are considering the purchase of an existing business, we can provide a business and market evaluation to allow you to position your new business as advantageously as possible in the marketplace.



Sales and Profit are the key factors for any business. A great marketing strategy is the driving force behind all sales and profit. Sales and Marketing development is a strategic step taken to develop the existing market rather than looking for a new market. Level 44 will dive into your business, clarify your brand positioning, analyze your past sales and build a powerful sales & marketing plan.


As your partner, Level 44, sets you up to WIN! We look forward to working with your team to develop and execute restructuring plans that pave the way forward to success and longevity.