Next Level Trucking Program

Are you looking to start a business?

Make a financial investment that will yield a 200% profit within the first year?
Level 44 has developed the Next Level Trucking Program, a turn-key Semi-Truck program that will allow you to make an average of $6,000 per month net profit  without getting out of your bed. Through this program you are not required to have a CDL license or be an Owner-Operator, you are a Fleet Owner. You choose how many trucks you would like to put on the road.
The Trucking Industry is the lifeline of the US economy and becoming a Fleet Owner today guarantees a long-term steady flow of income. It is one of the most in-demand small business roles in the U.S. economy today. Every good that you buy has to make its way from the manufacturer to you, and of all modes of transportation trucking is by far the most important. Sources report that a staggering 80% of all cargo in America is transported by the trucking industry, four times as much as air (8%), pipeline (6%), rail (4%), and water (2%) combined.


It is UNIQUE. There is no other program like it.

Level 44 has strategically partnered with major carriers, businesses and agents/brokers to develop this program. Our strategic partners have industry forecasting abilities, years of trucking experience and major resources that equate to higher premiums on freight and long term contracts.

Through this program, Level 44 does all the work. We organize your business, arrange financing, facilitate the purchase of the semi-truck, recruit, screen and hire the driver, and establishes a long term contract with a major carrier.

Earn Profit Faster


The Next Level Trucking Program is designed to have your truck(s) on the road in 60 days and profit is guaranteed within 30 days of your truck hitting the road.

Our clients achieve an average net profit of $6000+ per month, per truck and our specialized freight  trucks earn an average net profit of $7,500+ per month, per truck.

Lower Startup Costs & No Personal Liability


The Next Level Trucking Program offers economies to our clients from the purchasing of the semi-truck to repairs, parts, equipment, insurances, regulatory fees and more. You are NOT REQUIRED to obtain your own authority; therefore, you are not responsible to comply or report to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCA) or the Department of Transportation (DOT) Rules and Regulations. Our carriers will register the semi-truck, issue tags, provide insurance and manage reporting to FMCA and DOT. The carriers establishes a maintenance escrow for repairs and provides a bumper to bumper warranty on your semi-truck.

Through this program our clients have little to no personal liability and can enjoy a peace of mind while their trucks are on the road.



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